Discontinuing app Notio

After WWDC15, having thought long and hard, I’ve taken the decision to discontinue one of my Products: Notio.

It’s an app I started with the idea of giving a new spin on notes, treating them like ideas, so that you could add multiple information to them.

Although I had high hopes, initial reception of the app was not as great. I did have a significant amount of downloads but very few of them upgraded to the paid product. 

Now, with the new iOS9 Notes app covering many of the features I include, or was planning to include, I think it’s time to focus on new products.

For me its the first app that I’m discontinuing, and it’s hard…. But seeing the new Notes app and the current amount of money Notio was generationg I believe is the right move. Time will be better spent in other apps.

It’s hard… Has to be done…