It’s out and just ordered one!

So today the Apple went on sale on a few more countries in Europe. Being in one of them I ordered one and will receive it in about 3 weeks.  Will report my impressions once I’ve had some time with it, certenly excited about it and about developing apps for it.    Marc

Starting working on a new app

Late last week I was posting to announce that Notio would be discontinued. Today it’s time to announce some more positive news.  After much research and discussions with trusted friends, today I’m kicking off the design phase of my new app. And, for me, this is one of the most fun phases.  I love spending […]

Discontinuing app Notio

After WWDC15, having thought long and hard, I’ve taken the decision to discontinue one of my Products: Notio. It’s an app I started with the idea of giving a new spin on notes, treating them like ideas, so that you could add multiple information to them. Although I had high hopes, initial reception of the […]

Stick with it – Dan Counsell

I was going through the web when I found a great article from Dan Counsell called “Stick with it”. Recommended read. Actually I’ve subscribed to the entire series.  Here’s a quote: […]Many people fail because they lose interest after a few months, they flit around and get bored when their project or business is not […]

WWDC 2015

Interesting keynote, I’m really looking forward to the incremental iOS9 and OSX11 upgrades. Not sure about the music service thought… It’s like if the keynote was split in two. First part was great, second… Meh… Not sure if it was the uninspiring presentation, the fact that every iTunes release has been slightly worst for me, […]

Tweetbot 2 for Mac released

New version of Tweetbot for Mac finally released, oh boy, this is so good. The UI is gorgeous, fits right in Yosemite and the fit and finish is amazing. Strongly suggest you to check it out.