Back to coding!

You may have noticed a steep drop in post frequency this last couple of months. The reason is that I just got married and well… I code and write this blog on my spare time and, with planning and all, have not had much of that this last months. 

Should be back to normal in a weeks time! I’m enjoying a lot the honey moon, but damn it I also miss coding!

Is it too late for me to be saved? 

My podcast selection

I’m writing this lines from Hue, in Vietnam. I’m on a three week vacation trip, we started a week ago in the north of the country and we’re slowly heading south. We don’t have anything planned, this gives us the flexibility to do whatever we feel like doing (as long as we are able to take our fight back of course). 

We do a lot of traveling by night bus, this give us more day time to visit, as a plus this has given me the opportunity to catch up with many of my favorite podcasts. In case you’re interested, in no particular order, they are:

1. Accidental Tech Podcast

2. Core Intuition

3. Dan Carlin Hardcore History

DC Homepage

4. Debug

5. Common Sense with Dan Carlin

DC Homepage

6. Internet History Podcast 


7. The iPhreaks Show

Suggestions on what to listen, disagree? Let me know on Twitter @MarcMasVi