PHP maintains an enormous lead in server-side programming

When I choose the backend code for NewsWave several years ago I went with PHP after listening Marco’s recommending it due to its reliability and stability. After several years I can confirm.  Apparently a lot of other fellow developers think the same looking at the latest data from Ars Technica. If you’re planning a new project, …

Android & Security

Great post from a long time Android user & security journalist. Worth a read: Goodbye, Android: Frankly I hope Google would change his ways on this.   Marc

Marco an the new MacBook

In this post Marco explains his first impressions on the new MacBook and why he thinks is not a great machine. Worth a read.  Apple’s priorities have changed. Rather than make really great products that are mostly thin, they now make really thin products that are mostly great.

Silent cheaper wind turbines

Bladeless turbines, this seems like a amazing idea. Almost maintenance free, due to the lack of gears or other moving parts, and silent. And as a bonus, 50% cheaper! Imagine the potential of combining this turbine with the tesla powerwall. Future looks inspiring! Bladeless turbines source. Tesla powerwall source.