An experiment….

After a recent conversation I’ve decided to try something new with this blog. An experiment…

For the next few weeks, every Sunday, I’ll be sharing the experiences of developing apps on the side: the challenges , the successes, the struggles…

I’ll also be sharing details on what I’m working on, why I’m doing it and how I’m doing it. You’ll see how feature updates affect app download numbers and be part of the rollercoaster of sensations that is App Development.

If you feel this may be fun for you, read on…

How to start? For this first post maybe an introduction is in order: my name is Marc, millennial born in Barcelona and since some time ago living in California. I have a regular job during the day and, evenings and weekends, I spend a significant part of my time thinking about or developing apps.

My latest one, and the one I’m focusing most of my time on, is NewsWave -a Twitter-like RSS reader-.

I always choose projects I’m passionate about and I believe RSS has a lot of unexplored potential. I’ll write more about NewsWave development and my experiences with past apps in upcoming posts.

Until next Sunday,