NewsWave 2019.6 Plans

After a couple of releases focused on bug fixes and usability improvements I’m pumped to be working on the first feature update.

2019.6 will focus on adding two of the most requested features:
– OPML Import / Export.
– Default mix of feeds for new users.

In retrospect I should have absolutely shipped with OPML support from the start. At the time I believed most new subscribers would also be new to RSS… WRONG assumption!

I suspect OPML Import/Export to be a bit tricky to implement, still debating if I should develop a new server API or leverage the existing subscription one and call it multiple times… For now I’m more inclined to go with the latter approach as its less code to maintain.

As for the “default” mix of feeds for new users, I’ll be using some of the top subscribed feeds across several subjects. I expect this “default” mix to be used by newcomers to RSS so ideally the user should get around 30 posts a day, not too few, not too many.

Screen Shot 2019 06 28 at 18 08 18
Most Subscribed Feeds in NewsWave. Interesting fact, Daring Fireball has twice the number of subscribers than the second most subscribed feed btw.

In addition to the features above there will be several fine tuning changes as well, to mention a few:
-Optimized feed article management.
-Sync improvements when cascade deleting feeds.
-Improved “Today” behavior.

If all goes well I expect 2019.6* to ship at the end of July, will be sharing more on the import OPML process soon.

Until next week,





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*As Castro, Slopes and Overcast I’ve adopted a date-based version-numbering scheme — 2019.6 is the sixth update released in 2019.