NewsWave for Mac – Dark Mode

NewsWave for Mac is moving along quite well. In fact, 1.0 is feature complete, meaning all features I planned to ship in the first Mac release are already in. I’m now focusing on testing and polish. 

Speaking of polish, here’s a couple screenshots of the -mostly- final version of Dark Mode, updated icons and all 🙂  Let me know if you have any feedback. 

Screen Shot 2020 05 06 at 16 39 30

Screen Shot 2020 05 06 at 16 39 36

Screen Shot 2020 05 06 at 16 39 46

While working on the icons I’ve used Pixelmator Pro for the first time, I’ve been blown away by how good and fast it is. In the past I used Acorn and the standard Pixelmator and… Oh my oh my. Pixelmator Pro is AMAZING. 

Back to NewsWave, I’ll keep you posted on progress, can’t wait to share it with all of you.