Working on new NLP projects

After shipping NewsWave for Mac, this last few weeks I’ve been playing around with two new NLP (natural language processing) projects. Each quite different from the other:

The first is targeted at the corporate world, its focus is in identifying new trends and winning themes based on RFP’s (requests for pricing) submitted by clients. This will be specially useful to help sales teams focus on the right requests & increase win rates.

The second one is about identifying sentiment & anger intensity in news / blog posts. This may translate into a NewsWave feature. Many outlets use anger to boost engagement, what if there’d be a way to keep that in check -while getting the content you need-? 

I’m having a blast with both, you never know with these projects, but I’m aiming to complete them by the end of July. I’ll keep you posted as things evolve. 

On another note, the release of NewsWave for Mac went well, I’m planning a longer post with more details about it. 

Until next time,