Developing on the cutting edge

If you’re working on a new app using the latest Xcode & macOS Monterey betas be aware of a bug that leads to SceneStorage failures appearing on the console:

Failed to restore SceneStorage with key selectedTaskId. at SwiftUI/SceneStorage.swift:105
Failed to restore SceneStorage with key sidebarSelection. at SwiftUI/SceneStorage.swift:105
Binary[2571:23261] Checked for defaults IMKUseDistributedObjects. result is 0
Binary[2571:23261] IMK will use XPC for App = com.Binary.Binary, euid=501
Binary[2571:23261] IMKInputSession [0x6000004e4a20 activate] Invoking activateServerWithReply:, from Main thread = 1,

It’s not you, it’s the Beta. Same if after updating to 12B3 you start getting EXC_BAD_ACCESS crashes, I fixed that by updating to XcodeB3.  

Screen Shot 2021 07 18 at 10 30 54 PM

Working with the latest betas is a double edged sword 🙂 

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