Expanding TO-DO views for MarsManaged

This weekend I continued working on the TO-DO area, specifically on bringing the context-aware functionality of Cards to “Target Date” & “Last Modified” views. 

As most of the code complexities were sorted last weekend, this one I did quite a bit of progress. Here’s the latest:

“Sort by Target Date” view:

Screen Shot 2022 02 06 at 11 04 04 AM


“Sort by Last Modified” view:

Screen Shot 2022 02 06 at 11 04 19 AM

In addition to the above improvements, there’s many other tweaks too. Here’s a few examples:

     – Double clicking on the note title takes you directly to the note the TO-DO belongs to. 

     – TO-DOs will only show Smart Dates (’Today’, ’Tomorrow’, ‘Overdue’) if they have not been completed. 

     – On the ‘Sort by Target Date’ view, dates will not appear on the Overdue, Today or Tomorrow sections.


And finally, worked a bit on the CARD search functionality. Now, when searching, an option appears for you to easily narrow search to the category/tag you have selected.  

Screen Shot 2022 02 06 at 12 57 54 PM

Thoughts, suggestions? Reach me @MarcMasVi