Schedule & re-Schedule any action with Dynamic Date parsing

One thing is clear when launching a Product: timelines will change. 

To handle all these changes with ease, MarsManaged now includes Dynamic Date parsing*. Just type the target date in your own words and MarsManaged will do the rest.

Here it is in action: 


Here’s some examples of keywords you can use:

  • today (i.e. Did John send the minutes as discussed today @todo )
  • tomorrow 
  • this week
  • next week
  • thursday
  • next Friday
  • May
  • next month (i.e. Submit updated financials to C-Sec next month @todo )
  • next October
  • this year
  • next year

And, of course, once a date has been set you can change it directly in text or using the built in calendar popup (yes, that’s new too!). 


Everything is kept in sync: the ACTION date, the ACTION text and -of course- the CARD its linked to. 

Screen Shot 2022 05 22 at 9 27 31 PM

With this superpower there will not be more missed timelines, only changed timelines. Now, that’s how you make a Product Manager successful!


For users in TestFlight, the new beta should be rolling out very soon. If you want to be part of TestFlight and help shape the future of MarsManaged, drop me a line at

Thoughts, suggestions? Reach me @MarcMasVi



* yes, I totally made that name up.