MarsManaged onboarding – Unleashing a new golden age for humanity!

‘Creating a future for Mars!’ ‘Unleashing a new golden age for humanity!’

This weekend I’ve been working on onboarding CARDs for MarsManaged. What’s that I hear you ask? Let me explain…

When the user first opens the app these onboarding CARDs show how to use it in a subtle way, allowing users to become familiar quickly & learn best practices.

To add personality, all CARDs simulate situations a Mars Product Leader could be dealing with. 

Screen Shot 2022 09 04 at 3 15 20 PMYou may know what this Portal to Earth pitch will end up leading to:

I’ve completed 5 out of the 7 onboarding examples so far. Aiming to get 90% there this weekend so i can fully focus on final app polish & launch website.

Feedback / suggestions? Reach me at @MarcMasVi