Leveraging SF Symbols from code

SF Symbols are hugely helpful to help accelerate the development process, Apple has done an amazing job at providing a huge variety of them – all looking great & working well with one another.

If you’re a developer and are not familiar with them, you’re missing out – go download them

One minor caveat to be aware of though is that you can’t just call the Unicode codepoints. As I learned today, these will not work unless you have the design fonts installed.

So, for instance this…

Screenshot 2023 02 26 at 10 52 44 AM


…will not render. Wops!! The right way to call it would be:

Screenshot 2023 02 26 at 11 05 26 AM


Alternatively, you could also use Label(“someText”, systemImage: “flag”) 

Screenshot 2023 02 26 at 11 15 58 AM

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