Starlight has gone gold!

After over a year in the making – I’m excited to announce another signficant milestone: Starlight has gone gold!


Its effectively ready to ship, what’s more, it’s also approved for sale by Apple — feels… pretty good

Feeling Season 9 GIF by Curb Your Enthusiasm

With the app gone gold, I’m now switching to getting ready to ship! Among other things, that includes working on:

   – Finalizing website

   – Preparing press kits

   – Preparing relevant posts

   – Contacting reviewers 

   – Setting launch date

On the website side, although for past apps I used RapidWeaver, I decided to go for something more focused & clear and decided to do it myself. Let me know what you think:

Looking forward to share more with you shortly, comments / feedback? Find me at or @MarcMasVi


PS. The website clean look is inspired by Marco’s Overcast – (Podcast app, 100% recommend)