Blog migrated to new server

If you’re reading this post it means the server migration went well & this blog is now running from a California datacenter.  Also, took the opportunity to update from Debian 9 to Debian 11 so I don’t need to worry about EOL until June 2026.  Crossing fingers. Until next time,  Marc

NewsWave for Mac 2022.0 (macOS Monterey compatibility update)

Today was Keynote day! And what a day, the new MacBook Pro’s look amazing and we have release dates for macOS Monterey, just a couple days out! With that in mind I’ve submitted a compatibility update for NewsWave for Mac, version 2022.0. No fancy new features today, this update focuses on compatibility and addresses a couple …

Rich Barton: Expedia & Zillow

“How I built this” is a podcast where successful entrepreneurs are interviewed in a very candid way. The ups and downs, the complexities, the long nights…  Today I listened to Rich Barton, the creator of Expedia, Zillow and GlassDoor. Both the show, and this specific episode are great: On a related note, here’s some of …

Code Refactoring – Wealthfront Blog

When not to refactor code, when to do it, and how much effort to put into it are all questions programmers deal with on ongoing basis. This article from wealthfront engineering team provides an interesting take. The blog itself is worth following if you’re into this type of content.  Marc

Cliffski on Social Media

I have followed Cliffski, founder and solo developer at Positech Games, for many years. He’s quite opinionated and his last post is no exception: “ […] In 2020, the internet is an absolute cesspit, bringing out the absolute worst in human behavior. Its almost impossible to enjoy surfing the web without being sucked into social media. …

Making Sense Podcast #201 Yuval Noah Harari

One of the podcasts I typically follow is “Making Sense” by Sam Harris. I found his latest episode, where he had a discussion with Yuval Noah Harari especially insightful.  “[…] They discuss the failures of global leadership, the widespread distrust of institutions, the benefits of nationalism and its current unraveling in the U.S., politics as …

Improve your ⌘ V efficiency

Want to improve your quality of life in 5 seconds? 1. Go to System Preferences 2. Keyboard 3. Shortcuts -> App Shortcuts 4. Click on add -> All Applications –> add “Paste and Match Style” for keyboard shortcut ⌘V Thank you Ally Marc