Get NSDate Day, Month or Year in Swift 2.0

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Well, having recharged batteries after vacation I’m back into coding!

And yet again I was faced with another simple problem: how to get the day, month or year from a date. 

This is the simpler solution I’ve found in Swift 2:


//Here I’m creating the calendar instance that we will operate with:

let calendar = NSCalendar.init(calendarIdentifier: NSCalendarIdentifierGregorian)



//Now asking the calendar what month are we in today’s date:

let currentMonthInt = (calendar?.component(NSCalendarUnit.Month, fromDate: NSDate()))!



//Now asking the calendar what year are we in today’s date:

let currentYearInt = (calendar?.component(NSCalendarUnit.Year, fromDate: NSDate()))!


Note that in my code I used NSDate() as the date, this will return today’s date. Also, instead of month or year you could use any of the NSCalendarUnits to retrieve the relevant unit you’re interested in. 

Hope this proves useful. If you would have any suggestions on how to improve you know where to reach me, @MarcMasVi in Twitter.