Pre-Scrolling a Table to a specific cell at load

Although that’s something that appears fairly easy, the truth -for me at least-, is that scrolling a UITableView to a specific cell every time you load it may prove tricky. 

In the app I’m working on I implement it in the following way: every time a view appeared I assess if the top visible row is the one it should. If it is, no action is taken, else we’ll scroll to the right row. 

    override func viewDidAppear(_ animated: Bool) {


        //Check if we need to scroll to a specific cell

        if getTopVisibleRow() != getTableLastViewedTopPosition() {

            tableView.scrollToRow(at: IndexPath(row: getTableLastViewedTopPosition(), section: 0), at: .top, animated: false)




For reference here’s what I’m doing in the getTopVisibleRow(), note that is is important only if you’re using a translucid navbar:

    func getTopVisibleRow () -> Int {

        //We need this to accounts for the translucency below the nav bar

        let navBar = navigationController?.navigationBar

        let whereIsNavBarInTableView = tableView.convert(navBar!.bounds, from: navBar)

        let pointWhereNavBarEnds = CGPoint(x: 0, y: whereIsNavBarInTableView.origin.y + whereIsNavBarInTableView.size.height + 1)

        let accurateIndexPath = tableView.indexPathForRow(at: pointWhereNavBarEnds)

        return accurateIndexPath?.row ?? 0



For getTableLastViewedTopPosition() I’m simply fetching from the model what cell index should we be showing. 

Questions / comments? I’m at @MarcMasVi