2019 Holiday Learning Update

As I do every summer, this last few weeks I’ve been deep diving into a new subject: AI & Machine Learning.  

Almost every day I pack my laptop, Aurélien Géron’s book -he has done a phenomenal job-, and walk to a coffee shop close by to study. 

IMG 4106

Yes, that’s an HP laptop right there! It’s great for ML on the go. 

It’s been so much fun, not only because of how refreshing this change is: Python instead of Swift, Jupyter Notebooks instead of Xcode, cafeteria instead of home office… But also because of how interesting Machine Learning has turned out to be. 

Not only deep diving into Machine Learning gives you many ideas on topics you could work on, but it also allows you to understand its pitfalls (hello YouTube video recommendations or Amazon suggestions). So far I’ve been focusing on everything but neural networks but that will change starting tomorrow. Can’t wait. 

On other news, I likely won’t be able to post the following two weeks as I’ll be in Australia for holidays. I’ll pack my faithful HP Spectre and Aurélien’s book to keep at it during flights and during idle times though, so I’ll have plenty to report once back. 

Hope you’re having a productive summer. 





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