2019 Holiday Learning

One of the things I deeply enjoyed from my middle & high school summer holidays was how I would, overnight, switch my school routine for almost 2 months of passion projects. 

As I grew older and my interests changed I deep dived into different areas: I vividly remember one summer sitting for hours at a time devouring ‘The Three Investigators’ books or on another one discovering how to bring ideas to live with wood. There was no plan about it, just learning areas I was passionate about. 

Nowadays I don’t have 2 months of holidays anymore but I like to apply the same concept for my “on the side” projects; for around 2 months I deep dive on a new area I am passionate about. This area must be different from what I work on the rest of the year thus helping me expand my knowledge to areas outside of my existing competencies and enabling me to recharge batteries.  

This year I’m spending the time getting up to speed on the latest improvements to AI & Neural Networks and how they can be leveraged for everyday applications. I’ll likely post something more in the future as I work on it more. 

Coincidently one of the YouTube channels I follow just posted an excellent high level overview of what AI & ML is. You don’t need to be an engineer nor to code to follow along, totally recommended

Have you considered summer holiday for your ‘on the side’ projects? If not, I totally recommend it. 





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