A different approach to email with ‘Hey’

Email, one of the most widespread technologies of all time, it has enabled so much… At the same time, it was designed a long time ago when the internet was very different. 

When I read about Basecamp’s attempt at improving email with ‘Hey’, to address many of its current shortcomings I was intrigued. I spend quite a bit of time on emails after all…

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After a few weeks I have to say it’s a very interesting concept. I’ll keep my current setup for now, but I found it compelling enough to subscribe for one year. I will try using the address for all development engagement with my customers, their features will come quite handy.

Even if you’re not interested in switching, their approach is well worth a read. There’s also a video from the CEO where he walks through the features. 

Comments / questions?  You can reach me @MarcMasVi on Twitter or marc.maset@hey.com