NewsWave 2020.3 for Mac

I’m happy to report that NewsWave 2020.3 for Mac has been submitted to the App Store.

This update improves the app based on the feedback received since launch. In addition to bug fixes and UX improvements I’ve also taken the opportunity to expand the amount of unit tests that verify each app change and I’ve tweaked the App Store name from ‘NewsWave Reader’ to ‘NewsWave – News Reader+’ to improve discoverability. 

Provided all goes well with App Review it should become available for download in the next couple of days. 

Key 2020.3 changes include:

-Fixed a bug that could result in the setting “Show images in Feed” being ignored.
-Search text will now be correctly reset if user clicks on its sidebar icon.
-When removing an article from the bookmarks section using the key shortcut, the next article now becomes selected.
-Improved wording on helper messages explaining how to add more devices to the user subscription.
-Fixed bug that would show an incorrect dark-mode background color when a search for feeds returned no results.
-Fixed bug that could trigger a message suggesting to add feeds when the right conditions were not met.
-The app may trigger a one-time rating request if the user has read all articles and has been using the app for quite some time.
-Fixed bug that allowed selection of multiple cells if the spacebar was pressed.

Comments / questions?  You can reach me @MarcMasVi on Twitter or

Hope you enjoy the update, please let me know if you have any feedback. Until next time,