NewsWave 2020.3.1 for Mac

Today I submitted NewsWave for Mac 2020.3.1, a minor bug fix update.

I would typically wait a few more weeks to combine more enhancements & fixes but this update addresses a specially elusive and annoying bug. 

If you opened NewsWave for Mac from scratch and immediately moved it to the background (i.e. doing something else while the app fetched new content), the app would -sometimes- not scroll correctly to the latest article you had read.

As with most complex bugs, this seemed to happen at random, making it very ‘fun’ to track down. On top of the conditions above, the bug would only trigger if the user had used another device -i.e. an iPhone- and read newer content. 

In addition to the ‘fun’ bug, this release adds a couple other minor improvements for users that like the ‘Directly opens web page’ setting. Provided there’s no surprises with App Review it should be available in a day or two. 

If you have any comments or feedback do reach me @MarcMasVi on Twitter or

Hope you enjoy the update. Until next time,