MarsManaged March update, Alpha coming soon?

Lots of progress the last couple of weeks, the first alpha should be ready… Soon? 

Hard to predict.

What’s **not** hard to do is cover some of the features added last week. First, based on customer feedback, lots of work around Tags:

     – They can now include a template. If you create a Card while a Tag is selected,  it will default to that template. 

     – Tags can now be pinned, so you can easily access what’s most useful to you. 

     – Tag icons can now be changed, choose from over 100 options. 

Screen Shot 2022 03 13 at 10 18 32 PM

Also quite a bit of work went to the Settings Page. In addition to changing defaults, it allows users to easily modify the templates of Tags. 

Screen Shot 2022 03 13 at 10 22 17 PM

Finally, a lot of under the hood engine improvements for To-Dos. Its **crazy fast**

Screen Shot 2022 03 13 at 10 38 53 PM

Will post more soon to deep dive on the app key features, experience & more. So far the feedback has been very positive, can’t wait to get it in the hands of more users. 

If you’d like to participate in the Alpha -when its ready- do drop me a line at