Badges? Gray Badges? Color Badges!

As I was working on cell badges indicating the number of to-dos pending for a given card it hit me… 

 The approach I was taking was good, it gave relevant and timely information…

MarcMasVi 2022 Apr 02

But could be much better: what if the flag changes color when you have a to-do overdue, due today, tomorrow or soon?  

This would, without increasing complexity, add context and allow the user to focus on what matters.  Furthermore, I could use the same split & colors already in use for to-dos, making it extremely accessible:

Screen Shot 2022 04 03 at 10 06 57 AM

Got to work, and a couple hours later, voilà:

Screen Shot 2022 04 02 at 9 08 09 PM

Quick aside for interested fellow engineers, this is pure SwiftUI. When the cell is loaded, a model helper function determines the number and color of to-dos. SwiftUI takes care of the rest and dynamically shows the right thing. 

Finally, if no to-dos exist for that card, no badge is shown. So, if you see no flags, you’re all done!

* * *

Here it is, in all its glory:


* * *

On a side note, although I believe this to be a better experience for most users, some may prefer a cleaner aesthetic. For them I’ve added a preference toggle so they can disable them.

Screen Shot 2022 04 03 at 10 47 30 AM

* * *

At this point the app is almost feature-complete, I’m fully focused on polishing towards alpha -a very polished alpha that is-. If you’d like to be part of the test group do drop me a line at, would love your feedback.

Until next time! Thoughts, suggestions? Reach me @MarcMasVi