Creating a macOS “About” screen the SwiftUI way

If you’re creating a macOS app, the About screen is that place where you get to “sign” your work. It is also the place where most developers will link to their personal web, thank contributors, etc. 

For me, it’s one of the areas I work on last… When I get to it, it always feels great. 

And here’s one of the areas where leveraging SwiftUI pays big time. It could not be easier:

1. In Xcode Create a new file and choose “Rich Text File”

Screen Shot 2022 04 05 at 11 09 31 AM

2. Name it “Credits”

3. Select the file you’ve just created and add the text you want. Be sure to center it. 

Screen Shot 2022 04 05 at 11 21 34 AM

4. Compile & Run

Screen Shot 2022 04 05 at 11 21 50 AM

That’s it, happy shipping! Thoughts, suggestions? Reach me @MarcMasVi



PS. Here’s the link to Apple Documentation