Restoring macOS window after close – SwiftUI WindowsGroup

Typical behavior for macOS apps is that the apps will preserve their size and position when closed (Command + W) or quit (Command + Q) by the user. 



When using SwiftUI & WindowsGroup that’s not the case though: although it works as designed when quitting, it forgets position and size when closing the window (Command + W).

I’m hoping this gets addressed in the future, but until then I’m using AppDelegate to intercept the close command and instead hiding the window. 


struct MarsManagedApp: App {


    @NSApplicationDelegateAdaptor(AppDelegate.self) var appDelegate




class AppDelegate: NSObject, NSApplicationDelegate, NSWindowDelegate {


    func applicationDidFinishLaunching(_ notification: Notification) {

        let mainWindow =[0]

        mainWindow.delegate = self


    func windowShouldClose(_ sender: NSWindow) -> Bool {


        return false



Works like a charm, thanks to Mark G for the tip. 

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