Simple Animations on macOS (Swift 3)

If you’ve ever coded for iOS you’ll most likely be familiar with the UIView animateWithDuration function. Wouldn’t it be great if there would be an OSX equivalent? Well, there sure is, just type the following:         NSAnimationContext.runAnimationGroup({_in             //Indicate the duration of the animation         […]

Testing launch experience for a Mac app

In iOS it’s quite easy, you just delete the app and all of it’s data is removed as well. But how do you do it in OSX? Well, you should remove: ~/Library/Application Support/<YOUR OSX APP BUNDLE NAME>/ for example, by default should be: ~/Library/Application Support/com.yourcompany.yourapp/ And this is it! I suggest you do a Project […]

Scheduled notifications in macOS

Notifications are a very useful addition to macOS applications, when done right can help inmensly.  Here’s how you create scheduled and immediate notifications. Let’s start with the immediate ones: func triggerNotification() -> Void {     let notification = NSUserNotification()     notification.title = “titleOfNotification”     notification.informativeText = “whateverTextYou WantToAdd”     notification.soundName = […]