NewsWave 2019.7

And just like that, NewsWave 2019.7 is now available on the App Store. 


OPML Import / Export

This was one of the most requested features from day one (and it retrospect a feature NewsWave should have shipped with):

-OPML Import: From any app that can export feeds (or using an OPML file) you’ll find an option called “Copy to NewsWave”. This will start the import process, feeds that no longer exist or that return an error will be skipped. Once the import finishes you’ll see the total number of feeds that were successfully added.

-OPML Export: When you trigger it you’ll get a prompt asking you what to do with the file: send via email, save in files, copy to another app… The choice is yours! 


Bug fixes & improvements

Many! Thanks to all of the users who shared feedback, here are some of the key fixes / improvements:

-Fixed an issue that could show the “Today” button under incorrect circumstances.

-Added a validation step to know if the user can send email before triggering the “Send Feedback” action.

-Improved the way cleanup is handled if the app has not been opened for a long time. 

-Improved the process of syncing deleted feeds between devices. 

-Improved link handling of Daring Fireball articles. 

-Fixed an issue preventing some of the “Delete Read Articles After” options from being displayed. 

-Added an option to manually refresh feed list. 

-Fixed an issue that could result in inconsistent scrolling in the feeds view. 

-Addressed an issue that could result in views not showing the latest information. 

-New subscriptions based on a url search will now grab the latest articles from that feed instead of only future ones.

-Many other tweaks and minor improvements. 


What it does not include

It does not include a “Default mix of feeds for new users”. And the reason is that I’m still not sure on the best way to implement it. Should it suggest only 1 recommended mix of feeds, should I recommend a couple? Should I ask new users if they want to subscribe to them or should I just subscribe them by default?

It needs more work and I did not want to delay all the other improvements. I’ll most likely be posting about this soon, it will be one of the main focus areas of 2019.8. 

You may have spotted that I just shipped 2019.7 but in previous posts I was referring to 2019.6. You would be right, I released a quick fix for the Import OPML feature. 

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