Scheduled notifications in macOS

Notifications are a very useful addition to macOS applications, when done right can help inmensly.  Here’s how you create scheduled and immediate notifications. Let’s start with the immediate ones: func triggerNotification() -> Void {     let notification = NSUserNotification()     notification.title = “titleOfNotification”     notification.informativeText = “whateverTextYou WantToAdd”     notification.soundName = […]

Switching NSViewControllers from NSWindowController

This has taken quite some time to crack as there was not that much available information online.  I wanted a very simple way to change the NSViewController of a window on the fly by using code.  The solution I ended up with is quite easy, on the NSWindowController I load the default NSViewController by typing […]

Get NSDate Day, Month or Year in Swift 2.0

Looking for Swift 3.0 version? -> Click here  Well, having recharged batteries after vacation I’m back into coding! And yet again I was faced with another simple problem: how to get the day, month or year from a date.  This is the simpler solution I’ve found in Swift 2:   //Here I’m creating the calendar […]

Evaluate string width and return CGFloat (Swift, OSX)

This morning I’ve been working in a Swift function to detect the width of a given text and return a CGFloat.  I’ve not found that many examples on the web for OSX, so here you have what I’ve done in all of its glory: func evaluateStringWidth (textToEvaluate: String) -> CGFloat{     letfont = NSFont.userFontOfSize(NSFont.systemFontSize()) […]

CSV Parser Swift 2

One of the features I’m adding to an upcoming app is the ability to import CSV files. For that purpose I looked around for code already available (and found several options, see below), however none of them compelled me enough so I decided to create my own.  The main objective was to make it as […]