Random numbers in Swift

Swift 4.2 has introduced a native random number API in the standard library, making it cross platform.  Int.random(in: 1…1000) // → 691 Double.random(in: 0..<1) // → 0.8741555749903935 UInt32.random(in: 0xD800…0xDFFF) // → 55666 Read more in the great article from Ole Begemann, worth a read.    Marc

Resize NSImage Proportionally (Swift)

I wanted a simple function to resize an image to a desired height, while keeping proportions. Here’s what I came up with (based on Marco implementation): extension NSImage {          func resizedImageTo(sourceImage: NSImage, newSize: NSSize) -> NSImage?{         if sourceImage.isValid == false {             […]

NSImageView Aspect Fill

Setting an image to use AspectFill in iOS is trivial, you can set it by code or directly in storyboard.  But how do you do it in macOS? In Cocoa/App Kit there is no property for that, you may scale it , but there is no option for AspectFill (or AspectFit for that matter). So, […]

Open links in the Background

Here’s a quick tip on how to open a URL in the background or foreground depending on a user-set preference.  if(openInBackgroundPreferenceSet == true){                  NSWorkspace.shared.open([linkToOpen], withAppBundleIdentifier: nil, options: NSWorkspace.LaunchOptions.withoutActivation, additionalEventParamDescriptor: nil, launchIdentifiers: nil) }else{                 NSWorkspace.shared.open(linkToOpen) }   Questions / comments? I’m at @MarcMasVi  […]

Denarius 1.6 & the slippery bug

This last couple of months I’ve been hard at work on two new projects, the first of which will be released fairly soon! But, today I wanted to write about something else: CoreData Concurrency. Since the release of Denarius about a year ago I’ve been regularly improving the personal finance app with new features and, […]

Get Date Day, Month or Year in Swift 3.0

Just a quick update to show how to get Date Day, Month or Year in Swift 3 //Here I’m creating the calendar instance that we will operate with: let calendar = NSCalendar.init(calendarIdentifier: NSCalendar.Identifier.gregorian)         //Now asking the calendar what month are we in today’s date: let currentMonthInt = (calendar?.component(NSCalendar.Unit.month, from: Date()))!           //Now […]

Simple Animations on macOS (Swift 3)

If you’ve ever coded for iOS you’ll most likely be familiar with the UIView animateWithDuration function. Wouldn’t it be great if there would be an OSX equivalent? Well, there sure is, just type the following:         NSAnimationContext.runAnimationGroup({_in             //Indicate the duration of the animation         […]